Whether it’s an IPO, Direct Listing or SPAC transaction, secondary offering, convertible debt transaction, block trade, or other potential vehicles, raising capital in the public markets is an insider’s game with its own language, process, and participants. At ICR Capital, we help demystify this market and educate you on how to be successful by regularly sharing articles, guides, checklists, primers, webinars, and other resources to help you position your company for success.


Open for Business: Timing is Right for Companies Looking to Raise Capital

By ICR Capital Team

After a disappointing 2022, the capital markets seem to be showing some early signs of life in 2023.  The S&P and NASDAQ are up 9% and 17%, respectively, at the end of January, and the overperformance vs. the Dow highlight that growth stocks may be back "in favor." The VIX — the market's fear gauge — is below 18 for the first time in 13 months, indicating a period of relative calm in the market....


Navigating the 2023 IPO Landscape


The past year has been a difficult one in the IPO market, to say the least. 2022 saw a historic market pullback in deal activity, which in November was down 82% from the same period a year earlier and 53% from the 20-year average. Meanwhile, the Renaissance IPO ETF, a basket of the largest U.S. IPOs over the past three years, was down 50%, compared to a 17% decline in the S&P 500. All of...


6 Key Questions to Address Before Initiating the IPO Process

By Lee Stettner and Steve Parish

An IPO is a landmark event for a company and preparing to go public requires a significant amount of time and resources. The IPO process is opaque and challenging, and as soon as you kick it off, you will be inundated with deadlines, filing requirements, and competing interests vying for your management team’s attention. So, prior to embarking on the path to the public markets, it’s critical to determine that your company is truly ready and...


IPO Planning in an Uncertain Market: What You Need to Know

By ICR Capital Team

While the 2022 IPO market saw a modest pace early in Q1, global stock declines, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the resulting rise in oil prices, inflation, interest rate hikes and more all contributed to a significant IPO slowdown. In a volatile market, what is the best path forward if your company was planning to go public? ICR Capital experts provide their perspectives for preparing for an IPO during uncertain market conditions: Steve Parish and Lee...


Seven Things To Know Before Executing a Convertible Debt Offering

By Syed Raj Imteaz, Matt Anthony, and Anna Shearer

As any banker involved with convertible debt offerings will readily tell you, after a number of lackluster years, the convertible debt market is now going through a renaissance. They would be right — last year, issuance in the U.S. was $114 billion, up more than 150% compared to the prior 5 years’ average of $44 billion. This year, the convertible market continues to be humming with another potential $100 billion in deals. The increase in...