IPO Execution

An IPO is a seminal event for any company, and such issuers can realize substantial benefits by having an experienced and objective execution advisor by their side. We serve as an independent equity capital markets advisor, guiding clients through the critical execution and market issues typical of the IPO process, and we work collaboratively with all of Wall Street’s top investment banks.

Private Capital Raises

Raising private capital to execute on a founders’ vision is a key focus area for entrepreneurial growth companies. The private capital raising process can be extremely challenging as well as time and resource intensive. We can prepare companies for discussions with investors, bring an extensive network of relationships across numerous pools of capital, and help structure transactions to address the current and long-term objectives of our clients.

Public Market Offerings

Being a public company has numerous benefits, including enhanced access to both equity and debt markets. Public companies can utilize a variety of offering types to raise primary capital, or as a means to provide liquidity to financial sponsors or founders. Reporting companies are also well-positioned to obtain debt capital given the transparency of their financial position and operations. We can help our public clients assess financing alternatives and determine the optimal approach.

Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

We serve as an independent expert, helping clients think through the critical execution and market issues typical in M&A transactions. We bring a unique perspective to each mandate, shaped by our deep industry knowledge and corporate finance backgrounds as well as our organization’s experience serving more than 500 companies.