IPO Advisory

Becoming a public company is a transformational event for any organization requiring extensive preparation and thoughtful execution. ICR Capital’s role as a company’s advisor is to guide our clients through THE ENTIRE execution process, in addition to addressing the issues and challenges of accessing the public markets, whether it is through a traditional IPO or through alternative strategies. We work collaboratively with Wall Street’s top banks, as well as the legal teams and other advisors to the company.

Public Equity Offering

Public companies can utilize a variety of offering types including follow-ons and block trades to raise primary capital, or as a means to allow existing shareholders, including financial sponsors and company founders and employees to monetize their company holdings. Given the constantly evolving market dynamics and investor preferences, ICR Capital can guide management teams to optimize things such as timing, financing structure and approach for their offering.


A SPAC merger provides a private company with an additional option to the traditional IPO. ICR Capital supports clients through this alternate path with critical marketing help and advice that is complementary to the investment banks’ institutional outreach.

Convertible Advisory

A convertible offering is attractive for many issuers but can be highly complex and opaque. ICR Capital analyzes the cap structure and provides unbiased, holistic advice to our clients on when to execute a financing and which strategy to choose which helps ensure an efficient execution process.