Who We Are

ICR Capital’s Convertible and Equity Derivatives Advisory team is a group of ex-bankers and lawyers with decades of Wall Street experience executing 400+ convertible and equity derivatives transactions.

We sit on your side of the table and provide you with honest, unbiased advice to:

  • Streamline the process and save you time
  • Bulletproof the documentation to de-risk your transaction for the future
  • Ensure you achieve a best-in-class deal easily and efficiently today

Our deep connectivity to the entire capital markets ecosystem, coupled with our proprietary software and services, gives you unparalleled access to market data, intelligence, and analytics, making you the most informed participants in the market.

In addition, our dedicated team of senior bankers is always on call and available 24/7 to support you throughout an intense deal process and over the life of the security.


ICR Capital’s Convertible and Equity Derivatives Advisory team is a trusted partner for clients seeking guidance on the full spectrum of convertible securities as well as other complex equity derivative structures, including convertible preferred and mandatory offerings, structured share repurchases, capped calls and call spreads, hedging and monetization strategies (including collars, variable prepaid forwards, margin loans, etc.), and warrant management solutions. Our team of highly experienced advisors provides comprehensive support throughout the deal process and beyond.

We offer a wide range of services to support our clients throughout every step of the process, including:

  • Bulletproofing the structure and documentation
  • Selecting the right syndicate / partners
  • Improving transaction economics
  • Ensuring best pricing through detailed and data-backed analyses
  • Providing oversight throughout the entire process
  • Providing accounting and tax-related support and analyses
  • Ongoing post-deal support

Our services are complementary to those offered by investment banks. However, investment banks have inherent conflicts of interest since their investor clients often pay them more than their issuer clients do. Furthermore, as counterparties on capped calls, banks are not incentivized to offer the best pricing or the best advice on structural provisions. Unlike banks, we do not have any conflicts of interest that may compromise the quality of our guidance, so our clients can rely on us for truly independent and unbiased advice.

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