Demystifying Convertible Bonds for Equity and Credit Investors

Post Creator: Rosie Bartley

By ICR Capital Team | Webinar

Convertible bonds offer investors a hybrid security with pros and cons that can be difficult to assess without a baseline understanding of how they work. During this session, panelists Raj Imteaz of ICR Capital and Greg Rodgers of Latham & Watkins provided a crash course on convertible securities to buy-side investors and sell-side analysts. This session helped participants walk away with a stronger understanding of convertible securities and a better appreciation of the balance sheets and income statements of the companies they cover.

Topics discussed included:

  • Overview of convertibles as an asset class
  • Advantages and complexities of convertible bonds
  • Using call spreads to mitigate future dilution
  • GAAP and Non-GAAP accounting treatments
  • Provisional call process, anti-dilution adjustments, settlement methods, and change of control treatment
  • Overview of delta hedging strategy and impact on stock price

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