Our capital markets advisory services, provided through our registered broker dealer subsidiary, ICR Capital LLC (member FINRA, SIPC), stress independent advice and world class execution with a singular goal:  helping you achieve transaction objectives while creating a foundation to maximize long-term equity value.  Our advisory capabilities are unique in their integration with our industry-leading strategic communications practice because we understand that articulating the merits of a transaction to investors, the media, business partners, employees and other stakeholders is just as important as the terms themselves.

Our professionals are deeply experienced in deal structure, process, and valuation and are part of a broader, highly networked team that is immersed in industry fundamentals and value drivers.  This differentiated approach allows for a coordinated integration of capital markets advisory and communications – a critical pairing of skills when the stakes are the highest.  Our primary services include IPO Execution, Follow on Offerings, Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions, and Capital Sourcing.

IPO Execution and Follow on Offerings

An IPO is a seminal event for any company, and, therefore, issuers can realize substantial benefits by having an experienced and objective execution advisor by their side. We serve as an independent equity capital markets advisor, guiding clients through the critical execution and market issues typical of the IPO process. We operate as an extension of our clients, providing leverage to management. We don’t seek to replace the role of underwriters, but we look to complement their skillset and provide clients with the transparency and unbiased perspective they’ll need to make better informed decisions. Our reputation as an experienced organization has enabled us to work collaboratively with Wall Street’s top investment banks for almost 20 years.

Specific services include:

  • Assessing the Relevant Banker Universe
  • Analysis of Precedent IPOs
  • Assessing Market Conditions
  • Developing a Customized RFP
  • Organizing and Attending Investment Banking Presentations
  • Providing Comparison of Investment Banks Utilizing a Proprietary Scorecard
  • Perspective on Equity Research Landscape and Coordination for Analysts/Management Teach-Ins.
  • Validating Valuation Methodology and Assumptions
  • Fee Benchmarking and Negotiating Economics
  • Structuring the Transaction with the Optimal Underwriter Lineup
  • Input on Marketing, Pricing and Allocation Strategy
  • Helping Clients Navigate an Evolving Regulatory Environment

Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

We serve as an independent expert, guiding clients through the critical execution and market issues typical in the M&A process. We operate as an extension of our clients, providing complementary capabilities to the investment banks retained for the transaction. We bring a unique perspective to each mandate, shaped by our deep industry knowledge and corporate finance backgrounds as well as our organization’s experience serving more than 500 companies. We understand that each engagement is unique and we design our processes to address the specific needs of each situation.

Specific services include:

  • Developing a Compelling and Defensible Positioning Thesis
  • Conducting Due Diligence on Historical and Projected Financials
  • Assessing the Relevant Banker Universe
  • Assisting with Banker Selection
  • Assisting with Identification of Potential Buyer Concerns and Issues
  • Recommending Appropriate Transaction Process
  • Leveraging Industry Experience to Assist with Preparation of Marketing Materials
  • Identifying and Targeting Critical Strategic Buyers
  • Validating Valuation Methodology and Underlying Assumptions

Capital Sourcing

In a dynamic market environment, raising capital to execute on a business plan can be extremely challenging and time consuming. It can also divert attention from day-to-day operations. ICR Capital not only has the expertise to prepare companies for discussions with investors, but we also bring an extensive network of relationships across numerous pools of capital (venture capital, private equity, strategic investors, institutional investors, and family offices, among others). Finally, we have the capability to structure such transactions in a manner that addresses your current financing needs and long-term objectives. Either directly, or in partnership with an investment bank, we help you identify the right sources of capital, on the right terms.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Growth equity
  • Structured equity
  • Strategic investments
  • Recapitalizations