Share Repurchases

Companies have access to several different capital allocation strategies with unique benefits and negatives. ICR Capital’s Convertible and Equity Derivatives Advisory team will help you take a holistic look at the options that are available to you and structure the optimal alternative that is aligned with your key objectives.

We advise on various types of share repurchase alternatives, including directed open market repurchases (OMRs), 10b5-1 plans, enhanced open market repurchases (eOMRs), accelerated share repurchases (ASRs), and Dutch tenders, and help you think through everything from the financial and technical impacts to the sizing, funding, timing, and messaging considerations in order to ensure a successful program.

In addition, we do not have the conflict of interest that banks have – while we advise clients on share repurchases, we do not execute them and as such, we can provide you with honest, thoughtful advice on the transaction. 100% of our fee comes from clients, and we do not have a commercial relationship with any banks or investors.

Furthermore, we also coordinate with our Investor Relations team, many of whom are ex-research analysts with deep sector expertise, to conduct peer analyses and perception studies, custom tailor your messaging, and prepare your management team for earnings calls and investor Q&A.