Tim Bishop

General Counsel, ICR Capital & ICR, LLC

Tim was involved when ICR first opened its doors in 1998. In 2015 he made the decision to go “in house” and now devotes all of his professional time to the company. With nearly 30 years of helping companies all over the world achieve their goals, Tim’s process oriented approach ensures that ICR clients and managers have a smooth and efficient experience whenever legal involvement is required to get the job done.

Tim’s background runs the gambit from full partner at one of Connecticut’s largest law firms to managing partner at a mid-sized firm for over a decade. Tim’s practice experience is likewise broad, including complex trials of commercial disputes, intellectual property, labor and employment, corporate governance, transactions, contracts and real estate. He has also served as an arbitrator and special master for the Judicial Department, hearing officer for the State of Connecticut and Town Attorney for the Town of Stratford.

Tim’s volunteer activities include service to the boards of several charitable organizations as well as advisor to local business organizations. He holds a dual BA (English and History) from the University of Connecticut and a JD from the University of Connecticut School of Law.