ICR Capital’s Convertible and Equity Derivatives Advisory team is a trusted partner for clients seeking guidance on the full spectrum of convertible securities as well as other complex equity derivatives.

These structures include:

  • Convertible preferred and mandatory offerings
  • Structured share repurchases
  • Call spreads
  • Hedging and monetization strategies (including collars, variable prepaid forwards, margin loans, etc.)
  • Warrant management solutions

Our team supports clients through every step of the process, including:

  • Bulletproofing the structure and documentation
  • Vetting the ideal syndicate / partners
  • Improving transaction economics
  • Ensuring best pricing through detailed and data-backed analyses
  • Providing accounting and tax-related support
  • Ongoing post-deal support

Our services complement those of investment banks. However, investment banks have inherent conflicts of interest since their investor clients often pay them more than their issuer clients. Furthermore, as counterparties on capped calls, banks lack incentives to provide optimal pricing and advice on structural provisions. Unlike banks, we are free from conflicts of interest that may compromise the quality of our guidance. Our clients can rely on us for truly independent and unbiased advice.